Architecture & Construction

Global investment in property technology is expected to hit a record US$6.3-billion this year, up 40 per cent from $4.5-billion in 2018. 

AI is being used increasingly in building design and construction. Computer aided design and 3D printers are helping architects, builders and client to envisage their designs using accurate models.

Komatsu, one of Japan’s largest construction and mining equipment manufacturers, announced a partnership with NVIDIA with the aim of developing an AI enhanced safety system for jobsites to build 3D visualizations and track the entire construction site the real-time interaction of people, machinery and objects in the site. NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang believes the ability of construction machinery to perceive their surroundings and be continuously alert to humans and other construction objects in their           surroundings through the use of 3D models will help operators work more efficiently and safely.

According to this press release from NVIDIA, their Jetson AI platform will serve as the ‘brain’ of heavy machinery manufactured by Komatsu.