Hospitality & Food

Technology can be used in many aspects of hospitality, one being hotel check in and check out. With the aid of smartphone apps, many hotels offer customers the option to check in and check out on their phones, eliminating the need to queue and waste time once they have arrived at the hotel.

Winnow has launched a food waste tool enabled with AI, Winnow Vision - the first time that AI has entered the professional kitchen at scale. This is a breakthrough product in the fight against food waste because it offers a pathway to improved data quality, and the automation of a process that was at worst impossible, and at best a time-consuming task for kitchen teams.

Algorithms based on Artificial Neural Networks can monitor and check the process of AI food delivery and goods tracking at every step, making it safer and providing transparency.

Previously, a manufacturer had to hire many people to perform the monotonous and routine actions linked to food selection. Now, instead of manually sorting large amounts of food by size and shape (so that it can be canned or bagged), you can use AI-based solutions to easily recognize which plants should be potato chips and which are better to use for French fries (chips). Vegetables of an inappropriate colour will also be sorted out by the same system, decreasing the chance that they are discarded by buyers.