Who are the intelligent makers?

The intelligent makers (iMakers) are people in the community with smart ideas and few resources to make them happen.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are undergoing a new revolution. Unlike the industrial, electronic, computer and internet revolutions, the AI revolution will escalate at a pace way beyond anything that we have seen before.

We can see this as a threat or an opportunity. New technology can provide the means to empower people in our communities. But most people lack the wherewithal to make it happen. An intelligent state, city or town can provide shared resources to make it happen.

     What is the iMakers challenge?

               What is a Smart Town?

                        What is an iHub?

The challenge of technology is coping with rapid change. Technology, despite the promises of the gurus of the 70s and 80s, is increasingly controlled by large companies. People are experiencing increasing levels of stress and feel that they have little control over their destiny. The challenge is to give them control by exploiting the technology itself. 

A smart towns use technology to increase efficiency, share information and improve its citizen's quality of life. Smart towns integrate technology into the way the towns work. The technology improve the lifestyle of the inhabitants, not restrict, control and inhibit them.  

The proposal is build technology hubs (iMakers) which will act as a catalylst for technological change at a human level. The iHub will be a drop-in centre, a maker space, a coffee shop, a go to place for ideas where you can explore new technology. The iMakers will be a network of facilities spread across the community.