What is a Future Centre hub?

The proposal is to build a technology hub or Future Centre which will act as catalyst for change. The Future Centre will be a drop-in centre, a research facility, a maker space, a coffee shop, a training centre and a go-to place for people with ideas. A place where you can make things with technology or seek advice and information about technology. 

The Future Centre will be located in the heart of the community. They will be places that you can visit for a number of smart activities. You can have a meeting, buy a coffee, make a product, learn about technology and many other aspects of living in a modern world. These buildings will be funded by government, businesses and through sponsorhsip.

Community space

 Development space

These spaces will allow people to meet. They can share a coffee, run a club meeting or hold a conference. 

There would be an:

Internet lounge

Local Government office

Conference hall

Meeting rooms

Seminar rooms

A coffee shop

The hub will be a  meeting place with all the attractions that are needed in a modern world. 

These spaces are for the increasing number of people who can envisage making high tech products and providing high tech services, but who cannot see it working from home. They would take a walk down to the Future centre and get things happening. 

There would be a:

Small classrooms or training rooms

Research labs could be located in Incubators located in the areas surrounding the hub

Manufacturing space  (Maker Space)

A lot of manufacturing processes in high tech and iOT do not require industrial spaces. Some of the equipment, like 3D printers and laser cutters do not take up a lot of space.