iMakers Suite

3.1 Technology Assembly Room
A place where people can come together to use and learn to use materials to develop creative projects. Makers spaces exist in all different shapes and sizes, but often they
try to be all things to all people. The Technology Suite will be specifically for hi-tech.

This facility will:
· Facilitate learning opportunities where connections between home, school, and community are enabled and encouraged
· Collaborative learning where educators and students pool their skills and knowledge
· Share in the tasks of teaching and learning
· Develop a culture of creating as opposed to consuming
· Encourage STEM in schools and the community
The Assembly room where parts can be assembled and tested
Benches will be on wheels so that they can be moved
Benches will be height adjustable
Open and lockable storage
HD display

3.2 Fabrication booth
The fabrication booth will be where people can create components for their projects 
and will provide:
2 x 2D Printers 3 x 3D Printers
1 x A3 Printer/Scanner 3 x 3D scanner
2 x Laser cutters 1 x Vinyl Cutter
Lockable cabinets Various tools
Benches for projects 

3.3 Finishing booth
Precision mill and drill press
Soldering station with exhaust to exterior
Small spray paint booth
Lockable cabinets
Resources on trolleys
Exhaust canopies as required