Podcast Suite

1.1 Meeting room
Small groups of people using the centre can meet and plan projects. They can also collaborate via Zoom or Collaborate with people in other places.
· HD Display
· Network feed
· Moveable benches
· Chairs & desk for 10
· Coffee pod with small sink & kettle
1.2 Podcast booth
Podcasts are in high demand. Australians are fourth amongst countries that listen to podcasts. We can provide the community with ability to create their own high quality podcasts. This can be for local clubs and community groups or small business. Commercial use would attract a fee, while community use would be via a membership subscription.
There will be no need for an audio engineer in the room. The hosts can run the gear from a Tablet in the booth. For those without the necessary expertise would be able to have a producer manage the equipment from the next room behind a glass partition.
· Headsets
· Microphones
· Control tablet
· Desk
· Chairs
· 2 x cameras
· HD Display