Many internal walls will be glass to visually connect spaces
These will be double glazed to isolate sound
Auto doors for people in wheelchairs
Braille signage
Coffee/tea facilities for small groups in-house
The Conference centre will be used for large conventions and Expos
Extensive use of laptops and mobile device to limit power needs
The voids and balconies will be used to display local art
Food outlets easily available in shopping centre nearby
There must be plenty of lockable and open storage in every space
Many resources and tools will be house in trolleys to maximize access
Solar panels on the roof would power the building
Off grid power storage would also be used
Water tanks for rainwater storage and use in toilets
Rectangular lantern over atrium for passive lighting and
to connect spaces
Circular lantern over library for passive lighting
This would result in the loss of space on level 2, but the compensation will be that the spaces would have a more functional layout and be more habitable.