Training Suite

2.1 Training / Expo / Seminar room
There are few publically available training and seminar rooms in the region outside of colleges. The Training Room will allow community groups and businesses to run short courses of a few hours or days. The desks can all be moved to the rear or aggregated to create a surface that can be used for testing robotic systems or for display purposes. This space can also be used for small Expos and seminars. Any computers will be laptops and use WiFi.
HD display
20 x Laptops in storage cabinet
Wireless access point
Charging station
Moveable benches
Stools and chairs
Coffee pod with small sink & kettle
2.2 Production
Most training requires the production of training materials. This room will allow trainers and facilitators to prepare and plan material. This will also be where post production of podcasts will occur. The Centre will be a generator of content.

Chairs and stools
3 x PCs
1 x A3 Printer/Scanner
Resources on trolleys