Virtual Reality Suite

4.1 Virtual Reality Lab
Virtual reality is being used in flight simulators, games, sports analysis and in AI research. There does not appear to be anywhere in the region where people can get access to a VR lab. Much of the equipment is too expensive for an individual, but a shared facility such as this would give everyone access to this exciting technology, plus:
People of all ages will enjoy experiencing VR video games for the first time
Students in the arts fields can apply themselves in VR painting, sculpting, etc
Students studying 3D software have a place to test out their scripts in a VR suite
Businesses can create 3D models of their products and display them in VR Technology
Software engineers and developers can apply themselves in the VR field to create
proposals in 3D, e.g.architectures
This Lab will also lend itself to video production and can produce training videos.
Members of the community who run a how-to in one of the spaces could have it ‘taped’ for in-house use and posting on the Internet. The Dardanup Centre could be both a creator and consumer of content.

4.2 VR booth

The VR booth will house ancillary computer equipment and allow supervision
and control of the reality capture.


Infrared Face tracking camera
5DT Data Gloves
Piezo-resistive Sensor Glove
Microsoft Kinect
Video cameras
Wiimotes and controllers
 4 x VR Stations
4 x Intel i7 Quad Core PC with HiRes video
8 x VR headsets
2 x Cylindrical Panoramic projection system.
2 x Emotive (EEG) headset
1 x Piezo-resistive Sensor Jacket