Internet of Things iOT

The term Internet of Thigs (IoT) is increasingly being used to define devices that communicate with each other. The Internet of Things is made up of devices, from sensors to smart phones and wearables, connected together.

By combining these connected devices with automated systems, it is possible to "gather information, analyse it and create an action" to help someone with a particular task, or learn from a process. 

IoT allows devices on internet connections to communicate with others and brings those networks together. It gives the opportunity for devices to communicate not only within close silos but across different networking types and creates a much more connected world.

Examples of Internet-of-Things (IoT):

  • Connected appliances
  • Smart home security systems
  • Autonomous farming equipment
  • Wearable health monitors
  • Smart factory equipment
  • Wireless inventory trackers
  • Ultra-high speed wireless internet
  • Biometric cybersecurity scanners
  • Shipping container and logistics tracking

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